Vanessa Bryant Spent Her New Years Eve in Vegas



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Vanessa Bryant has to be one of the most eligible bachelorettes in the country right?

Mainly because if you get with Vanessa you are basically spending Kobe’s money and a lot of money it would be.  The question begs since Vanessa has been with Kobe since she was a teenage what type of guy would she want?

Also since she has been hemmed up for so long can we expect her to now be more visible in public?

Vanessa Bryant is single and ready to mingle — and TMZ has learned she’ll be spending her New Year’s Eve at a VIP table in one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas.

According to our sources, Vanessa has reservations at Surrender, which is located inside the Encore hotel.

We’re told Vanessa has booked a table for herself and a slew of female friends. No guys will be part of the group … but we’re guessing she won’t have a hard time finding some.

I am available Vanessa if you need any consultations.



  1. Good for her, I hope her new year is filled with love and peace. I wanna know know what’s up with the new layout for this blog?!

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