Vanilla Ice to Perform at Pistons Game

The Pistons are doing these themed halftime shows.

70’s night, 80’s night and then there is 90’s night with Rob Van Winkle, better known to you as Vanilla Ice.

The interesting thing about Vanilla Ice, is while today he is pretty much a laughing stock and even when he came out people slander him pretty viciously, everyone had his tape (CDs weren’t as big back then).

On my bus ride back from school, when I am a super young Rob there was a liquor store that sold tapes and they had a Hammer/Vanilla Ice 2 for 1 special.  I am from the hood, you went to the liquor store to get anything you needed back then.

I still have both tapes in decent condition in my grandmother’s basement.

Everyone over 30 still knows the words, don’t front. You will sing along.