Warren Moon Says Justin Blackmon is Dez Bryant With All His Brain Cells

Warren Moon trying to drop the professional ether on Dez Bryant.

For full disclosure Justin Blackmon does have a DUI on his record so he isn’t totally clean, but most say he is a bit more together than Dez Bryant.

The physical tools are there, but you never know what will happen with these guys once they hit the NFL.

Here is what Moon had to say.

Legendary NFL QB, Warren Moon told KIRO-AM 710 in Seattle that Oklahoma State star receiver, Justin Blackmon “is a beast” and “He’s like Dez Bryant with all of his brain cells” in an interview today after Blackmon announced he will forgo his season season and enter the NFL Draft.

“He’s a guy that has all those skills that Dez Bryant has but he’s not the knucklehead that Dez Bryant has turned out to be with Dallas. And a much better route runner than Dez Bryant is, but a very tremendous talent.” Moon continued.

Bryant has underachieved in the NFL, but he is still young and have time to break out. Blackmon looks like a Prime Terrell Owens and that is a scary thought for any defensive coordinator.

Look for the Rams to look really hard at Blackmon at the #2 pick.