Welcome to the New BlackSportsOnline…Let Me Show You Around

Many moons ago when I was mapping out a plan for BSO I used a blueprint as if I was struggling rapper trying to get a record deal.  The reason I did that was because at one point I was a struggling rapper trying to get a record deal.

Part of that was always paying attention to the needs of your audience.

Over the years your audience changes and you have to be able to adjust with that change.

We have hardcore readers who have been down with BSO since the days I was talking about Darth Kobe and writing open letters to Tim Duncan’s barber, but as we entered in 2012 that audience has grown and so we have to grow with it.

With this new site design we are attempting to cater to that audience.

One of the things that I have heard constantly over the last year was the pure sports stories were getting lost in the mix of the Sports Entertainment ones.

As you can see we now have categories for all the major sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, Boxing, UFC & etc), so if you want to skip the Kardashian style stories and read more about what is going inside the arenas and stadiums you can.

We have streamlined our navigational bars so you can easily and quickly get to anything you need.

A big part of the site has always been the Pretty Ladies and we have expanded that to include models from all over the country that will be spotlighted daily.

We have brighten up the site and improved its visibility on mobile and tablets.

You will see if that we have added a “blogging network” to showcase some of the hottest talent from around the web.  This allows us to provide you with unique content that you can not get anywhere on the net.

Overall all these changes were done with you in mind and we welcome any suggestions you have.  We will always look for ways to improve the user experience on BSO.

Happy New Year

One thought on “Welcome to the New BlackSportsOnline…Let Me Show You Around

  • I’m definitely a big fan of independent bloggers and I visit your site everyday. As a blogger and web designer myself, I always look for inspiration and good examples of usability with the visitor in mind.

    I came to the site the other day and say the simple, but effective logo, as well as the simple, but user friendly navigation for the site. Kudos to your growth and may you continue to progress!

    And we can never get enough of the Lebron hairline comments! lol

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