Andrew Bynum to Have Minor Knee Procedure Done

Relax Lakers fan, it isn’t what it appears to be.

Yes, Bynum is getting work done on his knee, but only in an attempt to keep him healthy throughout the year.

Bynum will visit his knee specialist, Dr. David Altchek, on Friday to receive a Synvisc injection into his right knee. The 24-year-old center received surgery to repair torn cartilage in the knee in the summer of 2010 and now wears a brace to cover it during games.

Synvisc is a natural substance that serves as a lubricant when injected into the knee. The substance’s website states Synvisc “can provide up to six months of osteoarthritis knee pain relief with just one injection.”

Maybe, Greg Oden can get like 12 of those shots.

One can dream.

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