Are Randy Moss’ Ustream Videos Hurting His Comeback Chances?

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports who is as keyed in as any NFL reporter has spoken to an NFL executive who believes that Moss’ off the wall videos could be hurting more than helping.

Before I tell you what I think about there here is what Freeman had to say.

The most compelling television going at the moment isn’t a show about zombies or chefs or people stranded on an island or Mitt Romney’s hair. No, the most compelling thing on television now is a single individual sitting in front of camera and talking to his computer. It’s Randy Moss.

If you haven’t seen Moss’ stream-of-consciousness rants that are quickly becoming an Internet sensation, well, you’ve missed some unbelievable stuff. It’s difficult to describe. It’s a combination of a train wreck, stunning visual, smart talk, dumb talk, infantile actions, and just about everything between.

The executive said his franchise was once considering Moss, but after watching the video stream, the team is no longer doing so. So while Moss might be creating buzz for a future show, he might also be utterly destroying any comeback chance.

The team executive noted that the one thing they would want to see from Moss is stability in his life. Not so sure a team watching Moss pick his nose and wipe it on his sleeve inspires a sense Moss has changed from a man-child to a grownup. My guess is these Moss videos are spreading across football like wildfire, and more than a few teams that might have considered Moss are no longer doing so. But I could be wrong.

There is definitely a disconnect between upper management in the NFL and players. I have watched a few of Randy Moss’ videos and I don’t see it as someone who is out of control, I just see it as someone who is being real.

One of Moss’ greatest gifts is he doesn’t sugarcoat things and isn’t politically correct, that can be a problem when upper management wants you to be like the Carlton NFL player.

If I am a GM my greater concern would be if Moss can run and if he will get along with the coach and players. Not him wiping a booger on his shirt, that is irrelevant.

It is that type of thinking that causes a lot of franchises to be terrible for many years.

Don’t over think things or see things that aren’t there. That is when you miss out on golden opportunities.