Ashanti Trying to Salsa With Victor Cruz Privately (Photos)


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I am going to Victor Cruz a piece of advice and a lot of the ladies won’t like it, but it is the best for him.

Cruz has a very beautiful fiancée and new born baby girl (Photos of Victor Cruz’s girlfriend). His lady has been there for him when no one care nor heard of a him.

Loyalty is big with me.

When someone has been down for you at your lowest moments, you need to keep that in mind when you blow up. Victor Cruz is a hot commodity and that brings out the lady sharks.

From Twodels to Ashanti, they all want a piece of the Cruz pie.

He will be tempted, as any man would be when multiple options are thrown in our face. I am not telling Cruz to turn down all his options, just telling him to be careful and prudent.

Wrap it up at all times and don’t do anything publicly to embarrass your lady.

If he needs advice go talk to Lebron James.

As you see Ashanti was on the prowl.

3 thoughts on “Ashanti Trying to Salsa With Victor Cruz Privately (Photos)

  • Huh? How about he needs to stay freaking single if he’s going to be whoring it up. Do not humiliate your girl like Tiger and Kobe playing Mr. Picture Perfect and get exposed as a walking disease/infection. Be honest with yourself before taking the trip on your own free will down the aisle.

  • Yea, I am going to agree with Destined. I disagree with Rob..Ashanti is an upgrade, a slight one, but an upgrade none the less.

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