Book Alleges Tiger Woods Wanted to Join Navy Seals, Tiger is not Pleased (Video)

Poor Tiger.

I remember after his wife swung the 9 Iron at him, the porn stars came out and the media turned on him,  I said one of two things would happen.  He would come back like a monster and destroy everything in his path or never be the same again.

It appears the latter will be the case.

When he showed up in sex rehab it was like Tyson getting hit with the Buster Douglas uppercut, the Legend of Tiger Woods was broken.  No one feared him after that.

His ex Swing coach wrote a book stating at some point Tiger was interested in joining the NAVY SEALS, it is the type of info you tell your buddies but never expect them to write a tell all book about.

A member of the media asked Tiger about it awhile back and to say Tiger was annoyed by it, would be an understatement.

H/T Larry Brown Sports