Brandon Jacobs on Gisele Bundchen: “Be Cute and Shut Up”

This is what I said yesterday.

“Gisele needs to do what she does best, look pretty and she isn’t even that great at that in my opinion.”

Brandon reads BSO, I see.

I am not trying to be sexiest, as I feel both men and women are free to say whatever she wants.  She doesn’t have to shut up, but she should have been more aware.

48 Hours later she is still in the spotlight for what she said.  It isn’t just shining in the sports world, but the world in general.  When you words carry that much weight, you better understand anything you say will be and can be used against you.

Brandon Jacobs reportedly had something to say about Gisele who had her own choice words for the New England receivers following the Pats Super Bowl loss. From the Twitter of Brian Costello, the Jets beat writer for the New York Post:

Jacobs on Gisele: “she just needs to continue to be cute and shut up.”

Brandon Jacobs is well…..Bart Scott with rings and honestly this is going to get all the feminists up and arms, but I doubt he cares.

With new age media the scandal is more sought after than anything else.

No matter what you think about what she said, one thing is a fact it has caused more harm than good.

One thought on “Brandon Jacobs on Gisele Bundchen: “Be Cute and Shut Up”

  • If gisele was to respond back “you stop talking and keep being that back up running back”

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