Broncos Demaryius Thomas Dated Teammate Perrish Cox’s Rape Accuser, Likely to Testify

The story was already strange (Police: Broncos CB Perrish Cox Raped, Impregnated Woman) here is the condense version of the story.

Former Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox goes to a club and hooks up with a couple of girls one being Camille Washington. At some point Washington passes out but no one knows exactly why.

She believes a sexual encounter takes place, Cox denies anything happened but……………

Months later Washington finds out she is pregnant, Cox says the baby can’t be his since they never had sex but………..

After a DNA test it is revealed the baby is his, Washington has an abortion and Cox is charged with rape. Here is another twist, Cox’s teammate at the time Demaryius Thomas was with him while all of this is going on and his version of events isn’t going to help Cox in any way.

Demaryius Thomas will be expected to incriminate Perrish Cox.  But while Mike Klis of the Denver Post calls the anticipated testimony of Thomas a “bizarre twist” in the case, it’s actually a no-brainer.  The police affidavit regarding the alleged crime demonstrates that Thomas will a critical witness.

Thomas, after all, had been dating the alleged victim.  She actually suspected for weeks after the incident that Thomas had raped her after she passed out.

More importantly, Thomas told police that he saw Cox carry the alleged victim, after she was passed out, to Cox’s bed.  Thomas also said that Cox and Thomas then were lounging on a couch, and Cox eventually wanted Thomas “to do something sexual” with the alleged victim, but Thomas said he couldn’t because of the woman’s condition.  Thomas told police he then fell asleep on the couch, woke up a little later, and left.

I believe in innocent until proven guilty, but even beyond Thomas’ possible damaging testimony, there is one thing I can’t understand.  If the sex was consensual why did Cox lie about having sex with her?

Unless there is a good explanation for that, I don’t see how Cox can get around the fact that no matter the reason Washington was passed out he took advantage of her without her consent.

If that is the case he should be thrown under the jail.

Lessons should be learned for both men and women.  Men, no matter the situation, if there is even an ounce of doubt that the woman you are dealing with is giving you push back about having sex, just walk away.  If a woman is out of it because of drugs or alcohol just walk away.   Sex isn’t important enough to lose your freedom over.

Ladies never get drunk to the point of blacking out.  Nothing good can come from that ever.  In this case because of the pregnancy proved that Cox had sex with the victim, but in many cases if you can’t remember, you have no idea what has happened.

When a verdict is reached we will let you know.

4 thoughts on “Broncos Demaryius Thomas Dated Teammate Perrish Cox’s Rape Accuser, Likely to Testify

  • The lesson should be for men, when you say “lesson for men and women”, you are putting blame on the victim. regardless of what you think of this woman, a person has the right not to be violated. the lesson should be: men, don’t rape women. end of story.

  • Carmelo Anthony does not support this story

  • @Katrina – So woman cant learn from this story not to rape to? The lesson for MEN AND WOMEN is not to rape.

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