Broncos Interested in Trading Up for Robert Griffin III

I am big proponent of being honest, but sometimes I understand there is a time and place to lie.

John Elway and the Denver Broncos think Tim Tebow is an outstanding human being, but they also think he is a terrible quarterback.

They can’t say it publicly because Tebow’s fan base is too strong, but they would prefer to have a quarterback who isn’t a fullback who throws occasional passes.

So, I am not surprised they are snooping around some of the quarterbacks in the draft.

John Czarnecki of believes the Denver Broncos might be a team that goes after Griffin III because of how much executive vice president of football operations John Elway likes him.

I think Denver would be a wonderful place for RG3 to land, but if the Broncos made such a move, they would have to trade and release Tebow immediately. It just wouldn’t work with both of them on the roster.

2 thoughts on “Broncos Interested in Trading Up for Robert Griffin III

  • I don’t believe this will happen. Every citizen of Colorado and every religious WACKO in the USA would revolt.

  • Wow…things just got a lot more interesting for Denver. And while I do think the fans of Denver would be pissed at first, they would get over it just as quickly if RG3 has them winning. That’s what every sports town/organization wants at the end of the day.

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