Chris Bosh Taking Baby Mama Allison Mathis to Court After All-Star Game Over Daughter

This has been going on for a long time now.

Chris Bosh and Allison Mathis have a daughter together named Trinity and for whatever the reason they can’t figured out the proper custody agreement.

Chris Bosh says his baby mama is doing everything she can to destroy his relationship with his daughter — and the latest evidence is that she will only let Chris see the child a grand total of 22 hours in February.

Bosh — who is slated to play in the All-Star Game Sunday in Orlando — will be in an Orlando family court first thing Monday morning, asking a judge to either force Allison Mathis to give him “meaningful time” with his 3-year-old daughter or hold Mathis in contempt for denying him that.

According to the docs, Mathis is supposed to hand the child over to Chris 12 days a month, but it hasn’t happened … not even close.

This isn’t the first time Bosh has had to go to court to force Mathis to live up to her part of the custody agreement and that is sad.

Women complain all the time about dead beat dads or dads who don’t spend enough time with their children, so it is disheartening when you see a man trying to see his child and that child is being held hostage by the mother.

Hopefully the court will get it all straightened out so Bosh can see his little girl.

5 thoughts on “Chris Bosh Taking Baby Mama Allison Mathis to Court After All-Star Game Over Daughter

  • LOL…every time this comes up Allison’s mom comes on the radio (I hear her on the Tom Joyner morning show) to defend her and make it seem like it’s all Bosh’s fault.

  • And black women wonder why brothers keep choosing women of other races to be with . This is a perfect example. I would rather be treated like this by a baby momma of another race than my own treat me this way, given our brutal and struggling history. Smh

  • She doesn’t let him see the kids yet she’s still collecting the checks. That’s BS.

  • I heard he got the child at all star weekend and i saw her at the magic game with mrs bosh a few weeks ago. so what’s the truth? are they using a stunt baby?

  • Y dont one of these NEWS blogs go to the heearing and find out whats really going on. instead of cribbing off one another and recicling the same stuff form other blogs. lazy bitches.

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