Chris Broussard’s Sources Say Lakers Interested in Michael Beasley

Maybe I am missing something.

Pau Gasol is a very good player, but everyday another rumor comes out about the Lakers being interested in a far less superior player in this case Michael Beasley.

I just don’t buy it.

I think other teams are leaking these stories hoping the Lakers will panic.

The Lakers’ front office knows Kobe Bryant is looking for it to improve the roster, and GM Mitch Kupchak has been working the phones. He’s spoken to Minnesota about Michael Beasley, and sources say the Lakers are intrigued by the Timberwolves’ small forward. The Lakers were actually in discussions with Minnesota about a potential trade for Beasley before the season started. If they would have been able to pull off the deal for Chris Paul, there is a good chance that a trade for Beasley would have followed.

LA is the last place Beasley needs to be, you know how much good weed they have in Cali?  It would never work out.