Deion Sanders’ Aunt Laura Jones Says She Beat Up Pilar While Naked (Audio of Fight)

I shouldn’t be laughing.

But I am…………

I really don’t know what to say anymore.  I am at a lost for words and that never ever happens.  Here is audio from Laura Jones speaking on what happened to cause the fight between her and Pilar.

And here is some actual audio of Pilar and Laura arguing in Deion’s house before they went all MMA on each other.

TMZ has a written account of what Jones says happened.

49-year-old Laura — who’s married to Deion’s uncle — called in to Dallas K104 this morning, claiming she stopped by Deion’s house to take care of some housekeeping items (a job Deion pays her to do) and Pilar flipped.

According to Laura, Pilar objected to her being in the house, and demanded she “get the f**k out.” The argument escalated quickly, and Laura says Pilar brushed against her in a threatening way … so Laura responded by grabbing Pilar’s hair and hitting her.

This is where it gets NUTS — Laura says Pilar then ripped Laura’s dress clean off during the melee, leaving her practically naked, and tumbled backwards down the staircase. Laura says Pilar then grabbed a bunch of knives from the kitchen, and brandished them while she called 911.

Right then, Laura says Deion came downstairs to see what the ruckus was about — and Pilar yelled at the dispatcher, “My husband is attacking me!!!”

According to Laura, the cops showed up minutes later — and Pilar refused to put away the knives … so they cuffed her and threw in the back of a cruiser. Laura says the children were present the entire time.

Right now I am just like…


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  • LMAO…Damn that bytch is crazy…..Deion needs to get Pilar out of the house ASAP……

    • Also… seems that the 49-yr-old Aunt had no problem being naked in front of Deion……And apparently she didn’t have much on under her dress….I’m just sayin….she’s married to his uncle so she might not mind showing Deion the goods…..

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