Deion Sanders Says His Aunt Was the One Attacked Not Pilar & He Has Proof


Deion Sanders is disputing a TMZ report saying that Pilar was attacked by a female friend at their home.

In fact, Prime says it wasn’t a “female friend” it was his aunt and she was the one attack.

As you can see Deion is saying that these stories are being thrown out there to discredit him and slander his reputation.  If Deion indeed has proof, he should release it, because maybe that would clear up who is really the villain in this divorce.

I think everyone should be sensitive that Deion and Pilar don’t just have grown and teenage kids, but also younger children that are being effected by all of this.

The sooner it gets resolved the better.


  1. Pilar is pissed because her dumb-ass signed a pre-nup and now she wants to get out of it so she can get half (like Vanessa Bryant). She’s going all out to discredit Deion by any means necessary.

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