Deion Sanders Says Pilar is Trying to Extort Him, Offers $1 Mliion Payoff Per Prenup

This would be a great reality show.

If they filmed the back and forth between Deion and Pilar, they both would have tons of extra cash in their pockets.  Yesterday, Pilar accused Deion of wanting sex in exchange for money.

Today, Deion accuses Pilar of extortion.

Deion Sanders says his estranged wife is straight up LYING … telling friends he NEVER offered her cash for sexual favors … and insists Pilar is simply trying to extort him for millions.

Sources close to Deion tell us the accusations are entirely untrue … and claim the NFL legend recently sent her a cashier’s check for $10,000 … which Pilar REJECTED.

Pilar’s lawyer, Larry Friedman, tells us she refused to accept the money because Deion presented the check as a “partial payment” towards the prenup … a prenup she believes is invalid.

We’re told Pilar was only promised $1,000,000 in the prenup … but Friedman believes she’s entitled to MILLIONS more … saying, “The offer does not reflect the assets in the estate and does not account for the time, effort, devotion, and faithfulness Pilar has invested in the marriage.”

As the Sanders Turns………..