Delonte West Says He Was Homeless & Slept in His Car at the Beginning of the Season


I wonder what will happen to Delonte West when his NBA career is over.

It appears he is barely holding on to his sanity currently and so what happens when he loses the one thing that brings stability in his life?  How will he react to that?

Here is the latest odd story from the life of Delonte West.

Delonte West is quite possibly the first active NBA player to be without a home during a season. The Mavericks guard tells the Dallas Morning News that after arriving in the Lone Star State he couldn’t find a place to stay, so he spent nights sleeping in the Mavs locker room and even in his car.

Despite making more than $14 million in a career that began in 2004, West has lost just about everything. During the NBA’s labor dispute, he took a job at a Maryland furniture store.

West had to sell vehicles, jewelry and “just about everything I own, except for my house and the clothes on my back,” he told the Dallas Morning News.

They have these places called Hotels, that I would assume Delonte could have stayed in for a couple of days while he straightened out his living arrangements.

Even if he didn’t want to stay in the Penthouse Suite, I am sure he could have found a local Marriott for $69 a night.  West is Bi-Polar, so this isn’t unusual behavior, I just hope someone is watching over him for the short and long term.