Deron Williams Has Told Mavericks He Would Love To Play For Them

This is pretty clear.

If the Nets aka the Blue Ivys don’t get Dwight Howard via Trade……


There is no reason for Williams to sign on long term with the Nets if he can not play next to another superstar and it is quite possible he will be taking his talents to Mark Cuban’s bank account.

Williams privately told members of the Mavs last June during their Finals celebration that he would love to go back home and be a part of team with Dirk Nowitzki.

You may remember Williams hanging out in the Mavericks locker room during last season’s final run. I believe the interest is definitely there from both sides and I do think Dallas is Deron’s preferred destination. The Mavericks will just need to hope March 15 passes without Dwight Howard landing in Brooklyn.

Nets better get Blue Ivy on the phone to help close the deal with the Magic.