Did Kobe Bryant Claim to Be Better than Michael Jordan? (Video)

This video was unearthed by Jersey Chaser from when Kobe was playing in the Drew League this summer.

Kobe is doing his usual trash talking when he lets someone know that it is a very short list of the greatest players ever.  Take a listen to what he said.

Here is where things I believe are lost in translation.  I don’t think Kobe is saying he is the 2nd best player of all time, I think he is saying the list of best players is short and only includes three names or maybe he was pointing out the three best scorers of all time.


Trust me, in Kobe’s mind he is the best player of all time.

Did he strategically put Jordan’s name 3rd?

Maybe, but I don’t think he was claiming he was better than Jordan, but as Jay Z once famously rapped about Biggie Smalls.

“If I am not better the BIG, I am the closest one”


Several people who claim to have been in attendance says the question Kobe was asked who were the best scorers all time and Kobe answered.

Wilt, Me, Mike.

Would be hard press to disagree with that, who knows if he meant it in an exact order.