Did Someone Leak a New Kim Kardashian Sex Pic, To Slow Her Athlete Thirst? (Photo)


I am just a mere Dollarnaire.

I can not not slow down an angry mob and what we have now is a vicious angry Rodney King verdict style mob who wants to take out Kim Kardashian like she is Reginald Denny.

Reggie Bush, Tim Tebow, The Hump, Jeremy Lin and others have either crossed or have been wooed to cross Kimmy’s path.

The mob doesn’t like it even if it is provocative and gets the people going.  People want her deported or even sent to Alcatraz.

Did it get to the point that someone would leak a non Ray J sex pic, so she would endure more slander from the social media streets?  You tell me?  Could this been what Kris Humphries was referring to when he said her time was coming?

I don’t know if this is her, but you can view for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Remember this is NSFW don’t want to get anyone fired.



  1. Why is this type of picture and article in a sports site. Now wasn’t it said at one time Kris Humphries was seen the the kim want to be. Please don’t tell me that he has stooped this low. To discredit Kim. Also Kim is a grown woman so who she sleeps with and how many that’s her choice. When was the last time you took a head count of your trist? I am a true Kardashian fan, but most of all I’m a true beleiver in live and let live.

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