Dwight Howard Has Allegedly Made His Mind Up & Wants to Go to Nets

Dwight isn’t going anywhere until after the All-Star break, but the Magic just needs to make a deal and move on.  If Dwight says he wants to go to the Nets, let him go.

The Magic aren’t going to get face value for Dwight, but by holding on him for too long, they killed whatever enthusiasm Dwight might have had to go to other teams.

“Multiple sources believe Howard will force his way to the Nets and he certainly has leverage, just like Carmelo Anthony had last year when he would only agree to sign an extension with the New York Knicks. Howard wants to team up with Deron Williams, loves the idea of playing in Brooklyn and knows that the front office will involve him in the decision-making process.”

If the Nets don’t get Howard they are going to be in a bad place, so they need to put on the full court press and unlike the Knicks what they have to give up doesn’t seem that unreasonable.

One more thing………….

DWIGHT GONE!!!!!!!!!!