Dwight Howard Says He Wants to be a Killer Like Kobe, Throws Van Gundy Under The Bus

Hard to be a killer if you can’t make free throws.

One of the reasons Shaq and Kobe worked so well when they weren’t trying to beat each other up, was that Shaq could dominate for 44 minutes and Kobe could come in and close the show.

I wonder at times if Dwight even knows what type of player does he want to be.  I appreciate him wanting to embrace the killer role, but you can’t just talk about it you have to demand it.

“I do want the ball more in the fourth quarter,” a frustrated Howard told FOX Sports exclusively after the game. “I want to become a closer. The only way you get there is by getting the ball and have coach have the confidence in giving me the ball.

“That’s how Kobe (Bryant) and the rest of the great fourth-quarter players got that way. It’s trial and error. When Kobe first got in the league, it took him a while to become the killer he is in the fourth quarter now. That’s because he went through that phase where he had to learn what shots to take and just get confidence in taking shots in the fourth quarter.

“That’s one thing that I want for myself, so I can become the guy who finishes games for my team. I want to be that guy whose team wants him to close games out for them. Coach just needs to have confidence in me.”

This was after a Magic win.  Wonder what he would have said if they would have lost.

Right now, it doesn’t matter what Howard says about the Magic or Stan Van Gundy because we all know that………..


4 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Says He Wants to be a Killer Like Kobe, Throws Van Gundy Under The Bus

  • Bynum(healthy)>Howard

  • Dwight honestly needs to just zip it until they trade him.

  • Dwight needs to “SHUT UP”, He never going to be like Kobe’s dog let along Kobe himself. Jeremy Lin stole the “spotlight” so Dwight has to get some shine. How can the state of Florida be big enough for the two biggest attention whores? (Dwight and LeBron) Three things are going to happen after the All Stars, Stan gonna be happy, Dwight will be leaving and Otis Smith will be looking for a new job.

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