Eagles to Franchise DeSean Jackson

The good news for DeSean, he is going to at least get paid for one year or get traded and get a long term deal elsewhere.

The bad news is, one freak injury can flush that all down the toilet and he needs to be on his best behavior both on and off the field.  I always thought he should get paid, it was just exactly how much he was worth.

He can blame Santonio Holmes for the market cooling on his demands.

NFL Network reports that the Eagles intend to franchise WR DeSean Jackson, but not necessarily keep him. By franchising Jackson, he can sign a one-year tender for a set salary for 2012, but the team could move him in a deal for what they deem fair compensation. If no one wants to trade for Jackson, the Eagles would then keep him and consider his one-year deal as a “prove it” type contract.