ESPN’s Jalen Rose FORCED to Apologize For Saying Gronk Was “White Boy Wasted”

I have heard players describe by ESPN analysts over the years as……

Thugs, criminals, malcontents, divas, hood, ignorant, dumb, stupid, divas , ignorant and one time a b*tch, but none of those analysts were force to apologize on air?

Hmmmmm I wonder why.

Jalen Rose, the former NBA player who is now an ESPN analyst, appeared on Mike and Mike in the Morning to talk basketball but said at the outset of his appearance that he wanted to weigh in on Gronkowski first. In hindsight, he and ESPN probably wish he had stuck to basketball.

“Forgive this term because I didn’t make it up: He was having a good time. He was white boy wasted. He was having a good time,” Rose said.

That was about two and a half hours into the four-hour Mike and Mike show, and at the very end of the program Rose returned to the studio to apologize. It appeared that Rose (and hosts Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic) were being hurried into getting an apology onto the air before the show ended, although Rose and Golic both laughed through the apology.

“You guys got me in trouble,” Rose said. “Earlier in today’s show we were talking about the Patriots’ post-game party and I made some comments that other people — some people — took as insensitive remarks, so for those that took it that way I definitely apologize. Pretty sure I always say things that upset people, get under people’s skin. I guess today was no different. So I’m sorry for the pushback.”

Basically what Rose is saying is whoever was offended hasn’t had sex this decade.

Stop being so sensitive to to everything.

Here is the truth.

GRONK is white and he was wasted at the party, that makes him white boy wasted. If he was black, he would have been black boy wasted, what is the big deal?

Rose was making a joke, get over it. No wonder everyone prefers Dan Patrick over Mike and Mike, it is because you guys are lame and is a show that men only over the age 40 who have way too much porn on their laptop watch.

Get over yourself.

7 thoughts on “ESPN’s Jalen Rose FORCED to Apologize For Saying Gronk Was “White Boy Wasted”

  • I’m a white, 40 year old, midwestern male, sports fan. I heard the comment live… had to leave my vehicle for an appointment… and returned to just hear the appology. I was surprised by the initial comment by Rose. You have to admit that if any “prime time” sportscaster would have called a black athlete’s actions “black boy wasted” they would be forced to appologize – at the very least.

  • Mike, GET OVER IT! He was white boy wasted! You can hear that term in plenty of songs! He was wasted. Period Point Blank! Analyst make comments about black athletes all the damn time. If they act like a Thug they get called a thug. It is what it is. If you don’t want to be called a name go the Tebow route. Take your pink panties off and grow a pair please.

    • LMAO……well said Tia……

  • Tia and LB… continue to show your ignorance, I’m sure it serves you well. If you’re looking for race or gender equality, then we have to watch our racial or gender statements. Those in the media should know better. You can continue to be a racist, thug, and even question my masculinity… but then don’t wonder why people don’t take your opinion seriously. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • I’m a brother 32 yrs old, and when I heard the comment, I was like damn Rose, are you kidding me. I was even trying to give him the benefit of doubt, but bottom line, he should know better than to use hip hop slang on ESPN. I know he was trying to be colorful, but that shouldn’t have been said. Tia is trying to make it OK, but Rose ain’t Gucci Mane or Waka Flocka. He gotta use his head.

  • Tia and LB are why there is a problem in the first place. If we want equality we can’t make exceptions when it suits us. Hate all the PC crap but the fact is, if Rose were white he may loose his job over this. I doubt it though, look at the way ESPN swept the comments made by one of their own about Notre Dame, God, and the Catholic church.

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