Evelyn Lozada Asks OchoCinco to Tell Her When He Cheats, Chad Has Better Idea (Video)


My first advice to Chad and any man is……..


I don’t care what a woman tells you, she doesn’t want to be told you are smashing Lacretia from the King of Cubic Zirconias Strip Club.  That is a trap that really smart street educated chicks try to use.

If you are going to cheat, just don’t do with women who will run to Mediatakeout.

Cheating is wrong, but if you can’t help yourself do it respectfully and deny, deny, deny.

Ocho though had another plan……………

If your lady is into other ladies, this isn’t a bad idea. Not really cheating since she is in on it and everyone has a good time.

People think marriage is like June and Ward Cleaver, but in reality more people get divorce than stay married, so you better figure out what works for you before you walk down that aisle.

If that means bringing in Lacretia from the King of Cubic Circonias then so be it.

I will say this Ocho and Evelyn’s wedding much more interesting that Kim and Kris’s wedding.


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