Fan to Kobe: “She Wasn’t With You Shooting in the Gym”..Bean Chuckles (Video)


It appears that Drake line is going to stick around for awhile.

I think a lot of the divorce laws are stupid, but similar to some of our criminal laws, you need to be aware what they are.

It isn’t Vanessa’s fault that Kobe either didn’t care or take the time out to protect himself in the event of a divorce, so I think some of Vanessa’s slander is unwarranted.

Trust me, if I could marry a woman with a lot of money and in the back of my mind knew, if anything went wrong I would get paid I would do it instantly.

Kobe fans/stans though wanted to let him know they had his back in this very creepy video.

Check it out.

H/T Stiletto Jill


  1. No its not but its hard to pity someone who chose to stay married for the $$$ and only left because it wasn’t financially suitable for her anymore.

    The only ones I pity are the kids.

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