Floyd Mayweather Calls Manny Pacquiao a Cheater (Video)

Honestly, I don’t want to hear Floyd or Manny talking about each other ever again.  It is clear to me and has been for awhile that they are never going to fight.

Plus, Mayweather just turn 35 and Pacquiao day by day seems less interested in fighting anyone.

They aren’t in their primes anymore.

Mayweather taking a jab at Pacquiao during his press tour with Miguel Cotto got nothing but a shrug from me.

“Floyd Mayweather is not a cheater like Antonio Margarito or Manny Pacquiao”.

Mayweather is going to make a ton of money on the PPV, go off to jail and probably fight one or two more times before riding off into the sunset with 50 Cent.

Pacquiao who has been milked for every dollar possible by Bob Arum just seems ready to chill and become a priest.  There was an opportunity to make the biggest fight in Boxing history, but that time has passed and we all need to come to grips with it.

Here is video of Mayweather in Puerto Rico promoting the fight between him and Miguel Cotto, props to No Guts, No Glory for the scoop.

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