Floyd Mayweather’s Coogi Sweater Causes Stir on NBA All-Star Saturday Night (Photo)


Considering the dunk contest was less than thrilling to most observers, they had to find some other ways to entertain themselves.

So, they became fashion critics.

D Wade’s Lil Wayne pants, Lebron’s Happy Days vest and all the fake big rim glasses being worn, no one was safe on NBA All Star Saturday night.

Money Mayweather took the biggest hit of the night for his colorful Coogi Sweater. Besides the fact that it couldn’t have been that cold in building, the Coogi brand has been out of style since……

Considering Mayweather will be making upwards of $50 million to fight Miguel Cotto, he can buy the whole Coogi franchise if he pleases.

I expect to see 50 Cent in Karl Kani soon.


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