Former NBA & Accused Murderer Javaris Crittenton Arrested for Speeding & Obstruction


When you are out on bail for murder (FBI Issues Arrested Warrant for Javaris Crittenton for Murder of Jullian Jones) and the cops pull you over for anything, just sign the ticket and keep it moving.

You have to understand everyone that could be reading this story is a potential juror and this isn’t a good look.

Former NBA star Javaris Crittenton was arrested outside Atlanta this morning — after he allegedly shattered the speed limit in his black Porsche … then refused to cooperate with police.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Javaris was pulled over for going over 60 in a 45 — and when the cop wrote up the ticket … Javaris refused to sign it, something you have to do to acknowledge receipt of the citation.

As a result, we’re told the officer asked Javaris to step out of the vehicle — and Javaris refused again.

We’re told words were exchanged — and after the officer reasoned with Javaris, the former NBA player agreed to step out of the car … at which point he was placed under arrest for speeding and obstruction of an officer.

Crittenton is accused of murdering a 22 year old mother of four over a jewelry dispute.

All I can say is.



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