Former NBA Player Steve Francis Has Aged Terribly, Faces Wrath of Twitter (Photos)

What have I told you?

It is serious in these Twitter Streets, you always have to keep your vest on. You have to understand the majority Twitter users are like those guys who are serious about World of Warcraft.

It is an alternative world, where people can be totally different and they are protected from any backlash because they are hiding behind a computer.

As one of my followers said, Twitter is the place where people go to pretend who they dream to be.

One of the reasons I try to get out to as many sporting events as I can, is so that no one can ever say I am “hiding” behind my monitor. I think it is important to show people your Tweets match up your real life.

Francis got caught with the ultimate struggle face during a game and Twitter got a hold of it and the slander has been vicious.

To the point he was even being accused of being a crack cocaine addict and this picture floating around (I don’t think it is him, but that is just my opinion).

Got to have thick skin around this parts. Hopefully Steve Francis is fine and all these rumors are untrue.

Until then………………


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