Game’s Associate Avante Rose Continues to Taunt Lakers’ Matt Barnes (Photo)

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan have kids together.

So, I understand when you have a family unit you want to keep that together sometimes by any means necessary.

My only advice to Barnes would be to make sure your lady is down for you as much as you are down for her. Loyalty is a beautiful thing, but make sure it is reciprocal because if it isn’t your loyalty is misplaced.

As far as The Game’s associates, we get the point you smashed his chick, no need to beat a dead horse. Not something honestly you should be publicly bragging about, you not the only guys in the world to smash an Almost Basketball Wife.  When someone gets with Vanessa Bryant thing by all means post the video if you have it.

The whole thing is messy, but not unusual for Twitter these days, sort of expected.

By the way after missing two crucial free throws, Barnes got a big rebound and made two free throws to seal the win for the Lakers over the Mavericks.

8 thoughts on “Game’s Associate Avante Rose Continues to Taunt Lakers’ Matt Barnes (Photo)

  • Welp! That’s what she get for acting like and being with trash. Matt is def loyal, but his bird may cause him much more than what he bargained for. Smh!

  • Curious to why Gloria hasn’t stepped up and said anything……

    • What can she say…yeah I let him hit but! It’s clear that dude did hit, so it’s best for her to stay quiet…who knows what other dirt is out there on her…

      • LOL….true

  • Matt Barnes needs to be smarter than this. Let Ghetto Trash be Ghetto Trash and keep it moving. You’re not gonna win a Twitter war with Avante Rose or any of the rest of these Roaches because they just gonna drag you down to their Prison/Project/Plantation mentality.

  • It is abundantly clear that who ever this no class sh*t for brains dick bag is that slept with Matt’s girl not only has some growing up to do, but more importantly has to use this weak ass attempt to put his self on the map! Grow up douch bag!

  • the funniest thing about this whole thing is that avante is like 30 years old. dat nigga act like he 16. matter of fact my 15 year old son act more grown than dis nigga.

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