Giants Fan Gets Sucker Punched by Pats Fan For Hitting the “Cruz Salsa” (Video)


If you have to sucker punch someone you are coward.

If you want to throw hands, let you intentions be known, square up and go at it.

So, this Patriots fan is Dunkin Hines moist and I hope he has been arrested.

Piece of advice for the Giants fan, if you are going to be in an area with a majority of Patriots fans, it probably isn’t smart to incite them by busting out with the Cruz Salsa.

While it is within his right to Salsa, fans have been killed or seriously injured for less.  Luckily, for him the sucker puncher, hits like a woman or it could have been a lot worse from the fan.  Security did him a favor getting him out of there.

In a mob mentality it only takes one person to make everyone jumped in.

I will say though, dropping a Cruz Salsa while in retreat took a lot of ummmmm, Sam Cassells.



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