Hines Ward Gets a Year Probation for DUI Charge

Chad Ochocinco never had to strike a plea deal on anything criminal.

Terrell Owens has never been on probation.

But Hines Ward has, but no one will mention it.

Hines Ward better stay out of trouble for the next 12 months … ’cause the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver has been sentenced to a year of probation stemming from his 2011 DUI arrest.

Ward was sentenced to 12 months probation, 80 hours of community service and ordered to submit to an alcohol evaluation and any treatment suggested by the evaluators.

Wonder if this will be anywhere near the top stories on PTI, ATH or Sportscenter?

2 thoughts on “Hines Ward Gets a Year Probation for DUI Charge

  • Owens and Ochocinco have never been arrested for anything—yes that’s 100 percent true. But that doesn’t change the widespread perception that Ochocinco is an annoying attention whore, and T.O. has been nothing but a selfish a-hole ever since he’s been in the NFL.
    Ward’s DUI charge, no matter how serious driving under the influence is, will never drop him into the category of unpopular athletes like Ochocinco and Owens. Fair or not, likeability and popularity go a long way in how the media covers an individual.

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