Jalen Rose Tweets Shaq is a Clown & Terrible on TNT’s Inside the NBA

The origin of the beef goes all the way back to the spring of 2010 when Jalen called Shaq soft and Shaq used the Ring Protection defense (Shaq is Not Pleased With Jalen Rose..Takes It To Twitter).

Not exactly sure what started it back up, but I believe Jalen made a joke about Shaq not being able to button his jacket on Twitter and when Shaq was informed in Inside the NBA he replied he didn’t know who Jalen Rose was.

Jalen responded with this.

I agree with the second half of that Tweet, not the first half (I have a life sized Spider-Man in my man cave, doesn’t think that makes me a clown).

Whatever the crux of the beef, they should just try to work it out or take it to the court.

5 thoughts on “Jalen Rose Tweets Shaq is a Clown & Terrible on TNT’s Inside the NBA

  • Inside The NBA didn’t need anymore Buffoonery. They should have made C Webb a regular but the Networks care more about the Players who were the biggest stars regardless if they are a good analyst or not. Same reason why Magic Johnson is on ESPN and Deion Sanders is on NFL Network.

  • I allowed my ex to hang up Batman crap on my walls so hey. lol However Shaq cannot talk and he has this baby soft voice and crap. The opening weekend all the tweets were about Shaq talking too low. Hopefully he won’t be back next season…. hopefully.

  • jalen rose isn’t exactly a great talker himself.

  • This shit’s beyond childish and they need to cut it out. Both of these guys have too much $ to be publicly sniping at each other like this. I enjoy both Jalen and Shaq’s analysis (even though Shaq seems to joke around half the time). It’s all entertainment and they can not get along without airing out their differences to the rest of the world. Let it go boys.

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