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Jason Campbell Leaves Fiancée Jenny Montes at the Altar? (Photos)

by Robert Littal | Posted on Tuesday, February 21st, 2012
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Over the weekend rumors started to surface that Former Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell had pulled a Richard Jefferson and left his fiancée Jenny Montes at the altar hours before their wedding in the Dominican Republic.

On Monday, that fast food site reported it as fact that Campbell had bailed on the ceremony.

Campbell has spoken out on the matter to clear up the rumors.

Former Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell was supposed to get married over the weekend in the Dominican Republic.

However, he and his fiancé, Jenny Montes, mutually decided to hold off on taking their vows because of personal reasons.

Campbell told CSN’s Kate Longworth that he did not leave Montes at the altar, as had been reported. He said that was not in his character.

Do I believe Campbell?


Jenny has his initials tattooed on his back, so I doubt she was happy about pulling the plug on the wedding, but Campbell has made his statement and I respect him at least acknowledging the rumors.

How many former waitresses do you know who get engaged to a NFL Player and plan a lavish wedding in the Dominican Republic make a mutual decision to call off the wedding last minute?

You probably think Tebow can still accurately complete a 15 yard out as well.

I hope anyone who paid their own way to the Dominican Republic for the wedding at least got a nice tan.

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  1. LB says:

    Guess JC wasn’t ready to turn in his playa card just yet…..maybe he found out that Jenny was a bigger ho than he realized….ok ok…just joking

  2. Moniluv says:

    Whether calling off the wedding was mutual or not, the fact that she has a tattoo of his initials on her back means absolutely nothing. Dig a little deeper and you will find pics of HIS tattoo of HER initials on his arm…

  3. Bonita says:

    If there was any doubt in his or her mind then the wedding should have been postponed. It is better to fix any troubles before then chasing the troubles after.

  4. Al ALLEN says:

    Well, with the proceeds from the ring sale, Maybe She could Get a GYM membership and a Jenny Craig account, Jason got smart just in Time, Once a chubby always a chubby/fatty :(

  5. jp says:

    That doesn’t look like a tattoo… Looks like henna. Even if it was, a LOT of people get their lover’s names tatted on them (not too smart, but love makes u do crazy things)…

    Anyhow, yeah, better to shut it down now, then live with the doubt and regret just to tear it all up years later. Seems like they’re good friends… Should keep it that way. JC has enough money to reimburse the guests for the flights if it came down to it. Shit, you’re in the Caribbean, enjoy the vacation!

  6. ML says:

    It might make for a good gossip column here, but I give J-Cam (and/or Jenny) much respect for making the tough decision to call it off before. Don’t lock it up just because of pressure. Marriage is a looooong time (or it’s supposed to be).

  7. Gemini says:

    he left her bcz he realized she hasnt done shit with herself and has no skills besides working at a bar at age 32, has excess baggage (single mother), wast exactly pretty or beautiful and to top it off had a disgustingly arrogant attitude (judging by the Twitter/social media comments people said she posted). … He can do better.

  8. Simon says:

    She really should have had Jason pay for an uplift on her breasts. Now her boys should be happy she will be going back to dancing on the bar and serving drinks.

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