Jason Whitlock Says Jeremy Lin Has Small Penis, Faces Wrath of Twitter


Never been a fan of Whitlock. Actually that is not true, I used to be a fan of Whitlock until he became the black Skip Bayless and decided to become more of character than a journalist.

As you know, I think people are too sensitive, so while I am not defending Whitlock, people need to chill. Not chill with slandering Whitlock, I encourage that, the more slander the better.

But calling for him to be fired is silly.

There have been many questionable jokes about Jeremy Lin, but that is all they are, jokes. People need to lighten up and if you made a joke about Whitlock having paid half of his yearly salary on hookers and Popeyes, you can’t also call for him to be fired.

Continue with the jokes, chill on the high horsing.


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