Jason Whitlock Says Jeremy Lin Has Small Penis, Faces Wrath of Twitter

Never been a fan of Whitlock. Actually that is not true, I used to be a fan of Whitlock until he became the black Skip Bayless and decided to become more of character than a journalist.

As you know, I think people are too sensitive, so while I am not defending Whitlock, people need to chill. Not chill with slandering Whitlock, I encourage that, the more slander the better.

But calling for him to be fired is silly.

There have been many questionable jokes about Jeremy Lin, but that is all they are, jokes. People need to lighten up and if you made a joke about Whitlock having paid half of his yearly salary on hookers and Popeyes, you can’t also call for him to be fired.

Continue with the jokes, chill on the high horsing.

9 thoughts on “Jason Whitlock Says Jeremy Lin Has Small Penis, Faces Wrath of Twitter

  • no one would say “just chill” if that was a black hockey player a reporter was joking about…dont think it’s a time to drop the “people are too sensitive” line bro. btw, your sites been awesome lately – keep it up!

    • I agree. I don’t know what Robert’s position was on the racist taunting done to the black hockey player with banana peels thrown on the ice. But if he didn’t think that was a big deal, then that’s his right and at least he’s consistent. But if he was “way too sensistive” and complained about it, then that’s obviously hypocritical.

      Just cause we’re black doesn’t mean we should be guaranteed the right to make racial jokes about other races without them being offended (like so many black folks often are).

  • oh really? need to chill huh? ok, what if i were an asian journalist and tweeted ” this watermelon eatin chicken finger eatin fat ass is going for a “long drive” with some lucky lady tonight
    oh yeah…the black community will just laugh it off and chill out. RIGHT

  • robert littal, you’re a moron

  • Well said, gqTrojan.

    I don’t think he should be fired, but certainly censored. His comments were not “high horsing”, but pure racial taunting.

  • Whitlock is a moron. And look at his fat body, is there any doubt he has a tiny black micro-penis? I mean really, he is a slob.

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