Jeremy Lin Asks Taiwan Media To Stop Harassing His Family

After one more starry performance Sunday, New York Knicks phenomenon Jeremy Lin delivered a plea to the media in Taiwan where his grandmother and family live: Back off.

“The special request I have is for the media back in Taiwan to give (my family) space, because they can’t even go to work without being bombarded, without people following them,” Lin said at Madison Square Garden.

“I want people to respect their privacy.”

His paternal grandmother, Lin Chu Muen, 85, lives in the Taipei region of the country, as does other extended family.

Source: Yahoo

One thought on “Jeremy Lin Asks Taiwan Media To Stop Harassing His Family

  • First the Chinese Govt. announces they would like Lin to renounce his US Passport/Citizenshop and play for the Chinese Olympic team and now they won’t leave him alone to breath, nor his extended family in Taiwan. He’s American, born in the US, bred in Cali, and barely speaks Chinese. Just like my family, theres a reason why his family left for the US a long long time ago……America and it’s freedoms and the opportunity to pursue without being jailed for voicing our opinions. Let the guy play basketball and stop trying to address political issues with athletics. Those two should never be co-mingled. Why is it that Jeremy’s biggest problems arise from the Far East. From Chinese/Taiwanese girls bombarding him on Facebook telling him they love him to the female Asian reporters asking him the dumbest questions post game……you guys are an embarrassment to the entire Asian American community. He doesn’t belong to China, Taiwan or anyone, he is his own man. He’s a baller.

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