Jerry Jones Says He Wouldn’t Trade Tony Romo for Andrew Luck or RG3

Romo has been in the league for awhile, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys know what he can do already. If the Cowboys believe Romo is a quarterback that can lead them to the Super Bowl then this statement from Jones makes sense.

The question begs Cowboys fan, do you believe?

According to the Cowboys’ official web site, Jones explicitly said he wouldn’t trade Romo for Griffin or Luck.

Jones’ son, Cowboys V.P. Stephen Jones, agrees with his dad. Stephen Jones told the Star-Telegram he sees Romo being the Cowboys’ franchise quarterback for years to come, and there’s no way he’d take Luck or Griffin as the franchise quarterback over Romo.

“There are not many better than him out there,” Stephen Jones said. “I hear it — he hasn’t gotten it done yet. I hear it, all of that. But you are not going to find much better than Tony Romo. Every year he improves. As he gets better, our chances get better.”