Jerry Sandusky’s Wife Dottie Tried to Run Over Reporter With Her Car (Video)


I get you don’t want to have reporters camping out at your home.

But considering an alleged child molester has been able to get bail, it is something you are going to have deal with. One thing you can’t do is try to run them over with your car.

I doubt that is going to help anything and get public perception in your favor.

96.1 Kiss has an additional phone interview up on their site with reporter Courtney Brennan. Courtney states that Dottie Sandusky revved her engine before nearly plowing into her and her cameraman. That’s…not good, I would say.



  1. If you are going to stand in the path of the driveway, especially when your presence will not be wanted, do not be surprised if someone tries to run you over. In any case, there is nothing either of them can do at this point to get public perception in their favor. This incident will not make things worse.

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