Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick on Ahmad Bradshaw: “He is a Hot Black”

I have watched 12 minutes of Jersey Shore  and that was it.

I tried to get into it  and couldn’t do it, so I don’t know if this is how they talk about Black guys, you will have to fill me in.  Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw has taken a liking to one of them and here is what she thinks about him.

NY Giants star running back Ahmad Bradshaw has apparently developed an extra-special relationship with former “Jersey Shore” star Angelina PivarnickTMZ has learned … but the Staten Island Dump insists they’re NOT officially dating.

Pivarnick explained, “We’ve hung out together … we’re really close, he’s a cool dude.”

“I think he’s a hot black … I’m not gonna deny that. I would be lying if I told you he wasn’t hot.”

At least she thinks he is hot.

Brandon Jacobs will be by later to tell her to be sort of cute and shut up.


5 thoughts on “Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick on Ahmad Bradshaw: “He is a Hot Black”

  • Dude is average at best but when you play in the NFL, you’re “hot” to a lot more women, lol.

  • Ahmad needs to smash & dash……and keep it moving…there are a lot more chicken heads out there to be had…….

  • Who really gives TWO SHYTS about this YT Trash TRICK Though… If ANYTHING It shows that Bradshaw is a Chump & Ignorant FOOL to want to be pictured Hugged Up with THIS BIMBO ***LMAO***

    Dude is a Super SIMP for This SHYT Though (Word)

    • @ELove: And you’re racist for calling her white trash.

      I don’t see the problem with her saying he’s a hot black guy. Many blacks say, “she’s a fine white chick” or whatever.

      • The problem is she didn’t say he was a hot black guy. She said he was a “hot black” WTF???

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