Joe Budden Salty His Ex- Girlfriend Tahiry Hosting Party With Knicks JR Smith (Photos)


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A couple of days ago someone sent to the BSO Email that Rapper Joe Budden was cock-blocking Knicks JR Smith, who appeared to be flirting with his ex girlfriend Tahiry.  Budden and Tahiry have quite a history.  Even though they have been broken up for awhile, Budden still likes to claim her.

The exchange went as followed.

Yea and!RT @TheRealTahiry: Hahahaha, You Wish!!!!! ” @TheRealJRSmith: Getting all cute fa ya boi! #Smooth RT @TheRealTahiry: Facial Time…”

Joe Budden
@TheRealJRSmith @TheRealTahiry she’s not tho.

JR Smith Response
We already kno homie! RT @JoeBudden: @TheRealJRSmith @TheRealTahiry she’s not tho.

Joe Budden
@TheRealJRSmith @TheRealTahiry I’m not your homie.
Tahiry tryna get the NBA dikk

I’m NOT THO’” @Ugly*****Chaser: Did I mention I think @TheRealTahiry is @JoeBudden’s Ya’Mean…? I didn’t? …

It is what it is… Guess I’ll be in the next mix tape! #followersUP!

Since I couldn’t decipher what they were talking about, I just let it go, but now Tahiry is hosting a party with JR Smith and I am sure Joe isn’t pleased about this.

None of this is relevant to me, but people keep bugging me about so there you have it. To my understanding JR is still with his tatted up girlfriend so this could be just attention whoring or they are just buddies.  You can figure that out among yourself.

Maybe Budden was just joking, but he has some Delonte West in him, so maybe he is crying himself to sleep while next to the latest Twodel he is dating.

The only thing that is important in this post are the pictures as I see it..

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  • Budden is acting like a sucker…what’s he mad for…if she’s his EX then he should move on to the next what JR Smith is gettin a taste….somebody gonna hit sooner or later anyway

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