JR Smith Announces He is Signing With Knicks Via Twitter

JR Smith had his mini version of THE DECISION finally come to its conclusion by announcing via Twitter he is signing with the Knicks.  It wasn’t a tough decision they could pay him more than the Clippers it was as simple as that.

JR is a good player, but a bit erratic.

In Mike D’Antoni system he will be free to roam a bit and that is a good and bad thing.  His shot selection can be a bit puzzling at times and one of the things that has happened since Jeremy Lin has been starting is better ball movement, so hopefully JR won’t slow that down.

Coming from China where he was able to jack up as many shots as he likes and coming back to the NBA could be an adjustment.

Another thing to remember is while JR put up big numbers in China, his team wasn’t very good, don’t know enough about what was going on over there to lay all that blame on him, but he has been known as “cooler” for most of his career.

No word if his sister Baby Precious will be attending any games, if so the new found Asian fans might want to protect their neck.

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  • I hope Mommy & Baby Precious Can hold their Hands In NY ….LOL

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