Knicks Baron Davis Has Set Back, Out Indefinitely

All the NYC rappers can stop recording those “BARON’S BACK” tracks for their mixtapes, because Baron’s back is not going to allow him on the court anytime soon.

The Knicks are not planning to have Baron Davis before the All-Star break.

Coach Mike DAntoni said Davis has had “a setback” in his rehab from a herniated disc and remains out indefinitely.

There had been hope Davis could make his Knicks debut by the end of January. But it continues to be pushed back and now DAntoni said he doesnt know when to expect him.

I think we had a little bit of a setback, DAntoni said. Its safe to say. I dont know how bad.”

If you are a Knicks fan and was really expecting Baron to be your savior, you are as delusional as people who still think Dwight Howard will stay with Magic.

One thought on “Knicks Baron Davis Has Set Back, Out Indefinitely

  • Maybe the Knicks won’t need Baron if Jeremy Lin keeps playin the way he did against New Jersey last weekend.

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