Kobe Bryant Mad at Lebron James For Not Taking Last Shot (Video)

Whatever you think about personally about Kobe Bryant, you should know whatever is pumping through his veins is a little different than your average NBA player.

Kobe is only a couple of years older than me, so you can say that I grew up watching him from the time he came in the league in 96.

I remember clearly multiple members of the media who thought when he airballed two 3 pointers against Utah in the playoff his rookie season that his confidence would be shattered.

Obviously that wasn’t the case.

He greatest strength (and weakness for that matter) is there will be no bullets left in the chamber when the game is over.  He isn’t a silent assassin, Jason Bourne he is not.

Kobe is Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees on steroids.

He doesn’t understand how someone as talented as Lebron seems to be so passive at times in late game situations.  That is why you see his disgust in the video.

Lebron came into the league at a different time, Kobe was a high school star, but no one has been hyped and fawned as much as Lebron James since the time he was 17 years old.

He just has a different mentality.

I always said the worst thing the Cavs ever did with Lebron was trying to turn him into Jordan instead of Magic.  As someone who watched Lebron in high school, he was such a gifted passer he could have played PG in the NBA and averaged a triple double.

How he plays in Miami is much more consistent in what I thought he could be, but it is too late now to change the perception. So, while he maybe a reluctant killer, he has no choice now, but to take the knife and finish the job if he doesn’t, he will be killed by the biggest killer of all.

The media.


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