Kobe Bryant Recruiting Gilbert Arenas


Times are tough when you have to woo Gilbert Arenas.

I find it a bit odd, that there are reports that Kobe sabotage a potential Dwight Howard trade, but is pushing for Gilbert to come.

Maybe, because Gilbert is no threat to Kobe’s Alpha Dog standing on the team, but at this point Kobe needs to figure out a way to get a marquee player to the Lakers if he wants that 6th ring.

According to Ken Berger of CBS, Kobe Bryant has contacted Gilbert Arenas, recruiting him to the LA Lakers.

There have been reports that the Lakers are considering Gilbert, but now that their ringleader has reached out to him, it seems like a real possibility.

The Lakers have had a sub-par season thus far, and the point guard slot is clearly their weakness.

Anything is better than Derek Fisher and Steve Blake at this point, but with Gilbert it is either going to be a success or he will flame out miserably.

I think those are the options the Lakers are weighing.