Kobe Bryant Still Suffering from Concussion Symptoms Will See a Neurologist


I think most people assumed Kobe would just shake this off and score 40 in his next game.

He is Kobe Bryant, nothing seems to slow him down, but did D Wade slay the Mamba?

Kobe Bryant went to see ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. John Rehm on Tuesday after suffering a broken nose at Sunday’s All-Star game, and because Bryant is experiencing further symptoms, Dr. Rehm recommended an MRI and that Bryant see a neurologist.

Bryant, who did not practice with the team on Tuesday, is expected to see the neurologist and undergo the exam this afternoon; the Lakers will provide an update as soon as one becomes available.

Bryant is still having headaches and unlike a knee or a finger, if your brain isn’t working you shouldn’t be player. The Lakers should make sure he doesn’t get back on the court until he is symptom free.


  1. aww…the rapist got his shnoz busted…well…its not a good idea to challenge lebron..worse yet to piss off dwayne wade…all this in an all star gsme no less…live and learn kobisan

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