Kobe Bryant Wants Lakers Management to Make a Decision on Gasol Trade ASAP

Bean wants answers and he wants answers now.

I understand his frustrations because he can see everyday Gasol checking out mentally and he wants a resolution, but it isn’t as simple as Kobe is making it out to be.

Here is what he had to say.

Kobe Bryant is tired of the Pau Gasol trade rumors that have circulated since the season began.

I wish [Lakers] management would come out and either trade him or not trade him,” Bryant said after the Lakers’ 102-90 loss Sunday in Phoenix. “It’s just tough for a player to give his all when you don’t know if you’re going to be here tomorrow. I’d rather them not trade him at all but if they’re going to do something, I wish they would just … do it.”

Bryant sympathized with Gasol, sprinkling in some expletives while talking about his situation.

“If they’re not going to do it, come out and say you’re not going to do it,” Bryant said. “This way, he can be comfortable and go out and can perform and play and he can invest all of himself into the game. You can’t have one of our pillars not knowing if he’s going to be here or not. Do something. One way or another, do something.”

The problem is the Lakers just can’t give Gasol away for Carlos Boozer’s spray paint hair or any old deal that is thrown in their face.  They have to go through the process of finding the right deal.

It isn’t ideal for Gasol, but he has to man up and fight through it.

He will know one way or another after the trading deadline.