Lakers Hold Players’ Only Meeting After Beatdown of the Blazers


I can not confirm or deny that Vanessa Bryant was asked to the meeting.

The Lakers are an interesting team, I don’t think as they are presently constructed they can win a NBA Title, but Kobe is going to try to drag it out of them even if it kills him.

It was an odd time for a players-only meeting — minutes after a blowout victory over Portland — but the Los Angeles Lakers felt they needed to clear the air. So, according to sources, team leaders Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher gathered everyone together in the Lakers’ locker room Monday night and tried to set the tone for the second half of the season.

Their message was clear: Trade rumors do not matter; your feelings about management or the coaching staff don’t matter; all that matters is that the 14 men in that locker room support and believe in one another. If they stay together and stay on the same page, they can get to where they want to go as a team.