Lamar Odom Left Mavericks To Be With His Father, Who Was Ill, But Not on Death Bed

We debunked the rumor yesterday that Lam Lam had left the Mavericks because his wife Khole Kardashian was sick, we knew that wasn’t the case and was 100% made up.

We started to hear rumors that Lamar’s father was gravely ill, but we could not confirm those and we choose to be cautious when speaking on medical issues (Twitter kills off enough people).

The good news is that Odom’s pops is doing fine.  He clears up what was going on and why Odom left the team.

Lamar Odom‘s father says he’s NOT gravely ill … and was only suffering from a stomach virus earlier this week … but he’s grateful that his famous son would skip an NBA game to be by his side.

Joe Odom was out in L.A. yesterday and explained, “[Wednesday] night [Lamar] stayed with me all night … just kickin’ it and whatnot … but everything is good now I feel a lot better.”

Lamar and Joe have had an up and down relationship because of Joe’s heroin addiction, but they seem to be doing better now.

Hope Lamar comes back strong in the 2nd half of the NBA Season.